Exhibition and Stage design in Berlin and Orleans, France 2003/04

(with Max Schumacher / posttheater)

The Fiddler on the Roof was re-conceived by drawing on the personal migration stories of the participating actors. To that end, raumtaktik developed a flexible, mobile stage design that included a city of “houses” made from the well-known Chinese plastic tote bags. All around the world, these bags are associated with a nation’s poorest immigrants: in Germany, for example, they are called Polentasche, or Polish bags, while in Poland, they are associated with Ukrainians. In France, they go by the name sac maghrebian, or Maghrebian bag, and in Hong Kong, by the name Filipino bag. In matchmaker matchmaker, they exist as houses in an imaginary immigration city and, as such, stand for identity, home, mobility, migration and poverty in equal measure.

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