091 Loremo/ / 074 Carriva Car Pool

Loremo Sportscar, 2010 / Carriva Ride-sharing Software, 2008



LOREMO AG is a little independent company that has come up with a new sports car. The turbo diesel Loremo (low resistance mobile) L1, due on the market in 2010, uses motor sport industry design principles to reduce weight and aerodynamic resistance and thus fuel consumption rates. The car’s weight of less than 600kg and the aerodynamic form mean that the car achieves a fuel consumption of under 2 liters per 100 kilometers and has a CO2 output of under 50g per 100 km yet can reach a top speed of 220 km/h.




eNotions GmbH

www.enotions.de, www.carriva.org

The aim of this scheme is to reduce traffic without reducing mobility. This project is a software-based system that allows car commuters to join ad hoc ride-share groups using their mobile phones. Participants join a fixed ride-share club and register their most common regular destinations. The software creates a match and patch facility that joins drivers with vehicles and potential passengers together automatically per mobile phone. Passengers are then charged for mileage on their club account. Unlike more conventional car pool systems, it allows for very rapid connections between potential sharers. Carriva is currently being tested around the busy Frankfurt airport area and if successful, future plans include incorporating the GPS function of mobile phones for greater speed and flexibility in connection car drivers with those needing a lift.