087 Solarbier

Sustainable beer from Thalmannsfeld, Germany, 2007

Felsenbräu Thalmannsfeld W. Gloßner KG


Felsenbräu Thalsmannsfeld is a small family brewery in Franconia (Bavaria) where beer is traditionally made according to the German “Reinheitsgebot” (German Beer Purity Law). Since four years Felsenbräu beer is also produced in an environment-friendly way. The brewery is Germanys first solar brewery. 96-100% of its total energy needs are covered by a combined fossil-free energy system comprising a wood chips boiler, a solar energy plant, and a biogas plant that runs on gases released during the fermentation process of their beer.

The carbon dioxide (CO2) output could thus be reduced by 63%. The brewery also has its own natural cooling system in the summer which comes from a traditional ice cellar: ice is collected outdoors during the winter on an “ice scaffold” and then transferred to the cellar where it remains, melting very slowly, throughout the hot summer months.

The yellow sun emblem “Solar Beer” on the bottles shows that the Felsenbräu beer meets EU and Bavarian sustainability standards. The brewery´s idea to produce beer without fossil fuels created a meaningful market niche that allows the company to exist next to bigger brands.