060 Tissue Engineering

New material research, 2006

Timo Schmidt, Institute for lightweight structures and conceptual design (ILEK) + Center for regenerration biology and medicine (ZRM) 


Tissue engineering is a collaboration project between the Institute for Lightweight Structures and Conceptual Design (ILEK) and the Centre for Regenerative Biology and Medicine (ZRM). The aim of this project is to generat three-dimensional, statically and mechanically functional tissues using bioengineering techniques. Tissues are generated by encouraging cultured cells to reproduce in vitro (outside the body). These tissues are then used to replace or repair damaged tissues in organisms. The project employs an innovative bioreactor using ultrasonic atomization to develop three-dimensional tissues on a new type of bovine collagen matrix. Mechano-sensitive cells seeded on the matrix are encouraged to grow along the principal stress trajectories under the influence of external applied loads. Implementing this concept on a larger scale using bacteria, fungi, or plant cells may open new possibilities in the realm of lightweight structures.

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