November 29, 2012, Berlin

Opening DAZ: Ignacio Uriarte - Workspace


Exhibition // DAZ // 30.11.2012 - 13.1.2013 // Wed - Sun // 2 - 7 pm
Opening // DAZ // 29.11.2012 // 7 pm

Ignacio Uriarte’s pieces are attempts at escape from everyday work life, a kind of petit bourgeois resistance: be not productive in the workplace, but rather creative. Uriarte re-enacts every gesture, every quotidian movement a thousand times over – exactly as they are executed in the life of every deskworker. With the mantra of this replication, he reflects the repetitiveness and rhythm of work. But despite their systematic creation, Uriarte’s pieces are surprisingly sensual – the textures of a folded piece of paper and the shadows it casts; the stroke of a pen, whether with ink or without. His drawings, installations and videos explore positive and negative spaces, static and active spaces, structured and chaotic spaces.

Opening with Ignacio Uriarte, Philipp von Rosen, Galerie Figge von Rosen and Matthias Böttger curator DAZ.


Ignacio Uriarte


Fotos © Till Budde und David Kasparek