June 7, 2012, Berlin

Y-Table-Talk DAZ: Reduce/Reuse/Recycle - Ressource Architecture



Y-Table-Talk // DAZ // 7.6.2012 // 7 pm

The German contribution to this year’s Architecture Exhibition in Venice wants to enrich architectural discourse on handling existing inventory. The title conveys a value system from waste management to construction in existing contexts. The smallest intervention, the least expenditure of energy is thus the best: avoidance / direct use / change — transferred to architecture — is the “waste hierarchy”.

How can current renovation projects and the engagement with architectural history be classified as “material” in this hierarchy? What relationships are involved? The work of Hild und K Architekten is exemplary of a material, but also substantive refurbishment of existing buildings.

The General Commissioner of the German contribution, Muck Petzet, and the publicist Florian Heilmeyer, co-editor of the accompanying catalogue, discuss with Andreas Hild approaches and attitudes in this field of work.