December 14, 2012, Berlin

Y-Table-Talk DAZ: Berger & Berger - Context as Content / Content as Context

Y-Table Talk // DAZ // 14.12.2012 // 7 pm

The Duo Laurent P. Berger and Cyrille Berger, artist and architect, play on both sides. Some contemporary museums escape themselves to present artwork in its purest form. A white cube being an erasure of traditional architecture, produced by omitting everything superfluous from architecture, and superfluous no longer means just decoration, but structure as well. Artworks on the other hand are made to challenge their environment, they are made to question the museum. Where architectural solidity gives way to atmosphere, like Yves Klein proclaimed in 1957, is the field of Berger & Berger’s work.

Laurent P. Berger and Cyrille Berger talk with Matthias Böttger about “context
as content / content as context”.

At the same time the exhibition "Workspace" by artist Ignacio Uriarte is shown at the DAZ.

With kind support of the Institut français/Ministére de la Culture et de la Communication (MCC)


Berger & Berger