December 10, 2014, Kunstuni Linz

Lecture: Günter Pfeifer - Alles heiße Luft? - Alternatives to Energy Efficiency

photo: House in Heroldsberg © Claudius Pfeifer

Lecture: 10.12.2014 // 7p.m. // afo, Linz

Lecture by Prof. Günter Pfeifer
Host: Prof.Matthias Böttger

The cybernetic principle which we understand as an architectural principle incorporates the solar and  geothermal potentials in a particular way which have always been part of the indigenous architecture. The central question what does a house need to achieve concerning energy should be easily answered.  

Prof Günter Pfeifer  is an independent architect. Since 2011 he runs with Annette Rudolph-Cleff the Fondation Cybernetics - a practical laboratory of the TU Darmstadt and pool for Sustainability Research.

The lecture will be in German.

In cooperation with the The University of Art and Design Linz (Kunstuniversität Linz), Sustainable Architecture and Spatial Tactics.

Günter Pfeiffer
The University of Art and Design Linz