August 28, 2014, DAZ Berlin

neu im club: N-V-O Architekten BDA



Talk + Presentation: 28.8.2014 // 8 p.m. // DAZ Glashaus

Two core questions crystallize in the architectural work of Clemens Nuyken and Christoph von Oefele: How does man behave in relation to nature and how in relation to other men? At N-V-O, their Munich office, matters of style and formal references take a back seat to these questions, which engage the architects at all levels, from urban planning to doorknob details. The resulting architectural approach does not live by the sum of the individual solutions at each level, but by their mutual potentiation.

On August 28th, editor David Kasparek and DAZ Creative Director Matthias Böttger will present the current issue of der architekt and talk with Clemens Nuyken and Christoph von Oefele about their work. Discussion will be enjoyed over drinks.

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