Weltstadt – Who creates the city?

Exhibition Catalog / Complete Edition of 13 theme-based Newspapers



Weltstadt – Who creates the city?

"Weltstadt – Who creates the city?" is a collection of newspapers from the homonymous project. The complete edition brings together the results that were generated during the project at the various locations and presents them in a global context. It also serves as a catalog of the exhibition "Weltstadt - Who creates the city?", which took place from May 3rd until June 1st 2014 at the German Architecture Center (DAZ) in Berlin.

The project "Weltstadt- Who creates the city?" is a joint initiative of the Goethe-Institut and the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety.

The collection combines the following editions:

1.1 Smart City (Curitiba / Nós Brasil! We Brazil!)
1.2 Participatory Budget (Porto Alegre / Nós Brasil! We Brazil!)
1.3 Urban Activism (Salvador / Nós Brasil! We Brazil!)
1.4 New Middle Class (São Paulo / Nós Brasil! We Brazil!)
2. Performative Urbanism (Belgrad / The Urban Incubator: Belgrade)
3. Collaborative City (Berlin, Lissabon, Madrid, Toulouse, Turin / We-Traders. Swapping Crisis for City)
4. Transnational Urbanism (Dakar / The Last Village)
5. Cities and Citizenship (New York / Cities and Citizenship)
6. (In)formal City (Johannesburg / Informal Studio: Marlboro South)
7. Community Urbanism (Seoul / Changsumaeul – The Village of Long Life)
8. Nomad City (Ulan Bator / Nomad City)
9. Empty Spaces (Riga / Empty Spaces)
10. Crowdsourcing the City (Bangalore / Nextbangalore)


The full edition can be purchased online at the Goethe-Institut online store

Weltstadt Curators: Matthias Böttger, Angelika Fitz, Tim Rieniets (until 2013)

Editor: Leona Lynen

Graphic Design: Studio Matthias Görlich