Contribution for Germany, mon amour – Archive Art Architecture Design

Contribution for Germany, mon amour: "",  silk screen on canvas, 10x12 cm

Germany, Mon Amour,

You are unique, you survive terrorist attacks, crises and other catastrophes, nevertheless you are not indestructible – It seems inevitable to think about your future. You are going to face big challenges: the persistent usage of settlements and traffic area, implementing the turnaround in energy policy, simultaneousness of regions experiencing outward migration and inward immigration, the socio-technical consequences of a digital society as well as changes in the mobility behavior. Germany, Mon Amour, what does the future hold for you? Which spatial changes will happen to you? How will these changes will have an effect on our life? Which factors influence the built and lived-in environment until 2050? 

Germany, Mon Amour, we will never know our future together with you. And yet there remains hope, that by systematically dealing with alternative futures we will be better prepared for the coming future and safe your precious habitat.

How will the future look like?
Netland is a contribution for Germany, mon amour – Archive Art Architecture Design curated by Peter Noever. This project will open up a new perspective on contemporary art production. In turn this will initiate a process that creates space for networks of relationships between systems of reference and of meaning, in forms both visual and verbal (and entirely apart from the usual rankings). The concrete objective of the project Germany, mon amour! is to present a selection of around 200 artists, architects, and designers who stand for the “contemporary” and are making relevant contributions to current artistic output.