083 Digital Electricity

Digital electricity regulation via power cables, 2009-2010

Aizo AG + digitalSTROM + ETH Zürich


The digitalSTROM alliance aims to have intelligent electrical appliances for every home. The alliance has developed, and is now beginning to market, an integrated high-volt chip that can network electrical equipment via the power supply line. The digitalSTROM chip allows up to 200 electrical devices on one cable to be controlled independently of each other. What this means in practical terms is that available energy from suppliers can be much more efficiently managed and controlled by the end-using devices rather than the end users. All that wasted energy on devices in stand-by mode, for example, or machines and lights that are not turned off after we use can be better regulated. Consumption peaks that put a huge strain on the energy network can be smoothed out – reducing our need for extra power stations.

Aizo describes itself as “think tank for digital living that searches the world for innovative technologies, simplifies them and makes them useful for everyday life”. digitalSTROM.org is a Non Profit Organisation. It was founded on 7.7.2007 at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich in order to develop digitalSTROM® into a worldwide standard. An alliance of companies, organisations and research institutes collaborating to network electric devices via existing power lines in an energy efficient, user friendly and secure way.