077 United Bottle

Prototype, 2007

INSTANT Architects


The standard PET water bottle is a familiar sight worldwide. In times of crisis, bottled drinking water is distributed within disaster areas, where it is used as a method of clean water distribution. The United Bottle update is based on a redesign of the standard PET bottle form. The new shape allows them to be slotted together into stable, nine-bottle units that a single person can carry easily. Filled with local materials, the bottles become a really stable construction material for temporary or even long-term shelter.

Since 2001, INSTANT works at the intersection of architecture, nature, technology and communication. It foregrounds the body as a biological and social construct in order to develop research projects and architectural practice on various scales. Recent projects include the international travelling exhibition “Inventioneering Architecture” and the installation “ON_AIR” in Berlin. Founders and principals of INSTANT are Dirk Hebel and Jörg Stollmann.