062 SkySails

Kite propulsion system, since 2005

Stephan Wrage + Thomas Meyer, SkySails GmbH


The SkySails concept, designed for commercial shipping and luxury yachts, consists of a fully automated towing kite propulsion and a wind-optimised routeing system. It is used offshore in addition to the propulsion of the ship’s engine – wind conditions permitting. The SkySail offers a potential reduction of fossil fuel costs of between 10-50% per annum. After initial trials in 2005, the first large-scale tests on cargo ships began in 2007 and series production is planned during 2008.

The SkySails company was founded in 2001 in Hamburg by industrial engineer Stephan Wrage and Thomas Meyer, engineer for shipbuilding and marine technology. Their kite propulsion system has won numerous awards, among them the Zukunftsaward (Future Award) 2007.