045 MEtreePOLIS

City of the future in Atlanta, USA, 2007 (Concept)

HollwichKushner Architecture (HWKN)


MEtreePOLIS is a vision of a future city, based on projecting real developments in the field of genetic manipulation into the future. HWKN predicts that, by 2108, technological advances will allow the fusion of photosynthetic molecules with solid-state electronic devices, effectively turning modified plants into energy producers they call ‘power plants’. HWKN’s future city will be a product of enhanced nature. It will be stratified like a forest, with a canopy at the top collecting water and energy and a single-surface city floor below of bio-renewable moss with no roads or pavements. Transport is provided by hydrogen-powered pods.

HOLLWICHKUSHNER (HWKN) is a New York City based architecture and concept design firm established by Matthias Hollwich and Marc Kushner. By targeting research that makes use of the firm’s ECONIC design principles (ecology + icon) HWKN generates and inspires innovative and responsible man-made environments.