014 Prosolve 370E

A Photocatalytic tile system for Polluted urban spaces, 2006

Allison Dring+Daniel Schwaag, Elegant Embellishments


Prosolve 370 is a decorative, three-dimensional, modular tile system that filters combustion engine pollutants from the air. The tile itself, designed using computer-generated forms and rapid prototyping techniques, has a large surface area coated in titanium dioxide. This coating acts as a photo-catalyst, breaking down harmful pollutants such as volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxides with the help of sunlight. The tiles, when positioned near pollutant sources, say the designers, can help re-appropriate these polluted spaces for safer pedestrian use. Prosolve is currently in its third prototype phase, and is seeking a manufacturing partner.

Elegant Embellishments was formed in 2006 by Daniel Schwaag and Allison Dring to investigate and develop new methods for the modification of existing buildings and spaces. These modifications are used to ‘tune’ buildings, converting previously inert surfaces into active surfaces that can meet new challenges set by a rapidly changing world. A key interest of their work is the visual articulation of innovative technologies that have the potential to alleviate the ecological impact of cities but often require a re-examination of current practices, in particular the slow institutional processes of architecture.